Menus and Pricing

The Silver Pantry Menus & Pricing

All of our menus offer a variety of classic dishes, each prepared fresh with quality driven ingredients.
The familiarity of these recipes recalls memories of nostalgic family dinners with foods we all know well and enjoy.

All of our menus are balanced with increased vegetable portions and reduced carbohydrates.
In addition, all Lunches are served with fresh cut fruit and all Dinners are served with a side salad.

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The Silver Pantry Sample Menu

Our menu is focused on nutritionally balanced meals with healthy meats,
an abudance of fresh vegetables and attention to portion control.

Meal Plan Price List
(per 4 weeks of Delivery)

  • Delivery included. No Hidden Costs.
  • Fully Cooked Meals that are Ready to Heat
  • Weekly specials are always available for substitution.
  • Couples receives 25% off the second meal plan (discount reflected in prices on the chart)

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Monthly Meal Plan Options:
Classic, Diabetic,
Heart Friendly, Dairy Free
3 Days
per week
(for 4 weeks)
4 Days
per week
(for 4 weeks)
5 Days
per week
(for 4 weeks)
6 Days
per week
(for 4 weeks)
7 Days
per week
(for 4 weeks)
Meal Plans include a side salad with Dinner and fresh fruit with Lunch
Dinner Only
--- --- $380 $456 $530
Dinner Only for Two
$456 $592 $665 $795 $931
Lunch and Dinner
$384 $512 $595 $705 $824
Lunch and Dinner for Two
$662 $882 $1,029 $1,235 $1,440
Trial Options
5 Day Trial - Dinners Only
$99 5 Day Trial - Lunch & Dinner

Special Diets

The Silver Pantry offers variations on our Classic Menu to accomodate some of the most common dietary restrictions.
Contact us if you have questions about any of these diets or would like to request a diet not currently offered.

Pot on the Fire


A diabetic diet is designed for those who may need to limit their calories and sugar intake.

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Diabetic Diets

Pot on the Fire

Heart Friendly

A Heart Friendly diet helps prevent water retention in the body by limiting sodium intake and helping the heart not have to work as hard.

Learn More about
Heart Friendly Diets

Pot on the Fire

Dairy Free

A Dairy Free diet is designed for those who have a milk allergy or are lactose intolerant

Learn More about
Dairy Free Diets

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